Green Initiatives

In 2015/2016, we will be undertaking some green initiatives to make our centre more environmentally friendly. Some of these initiatives include:

Building Management System (BMS)
One of the 2015 projects include a lighting automation component. The BMS currently works with the mechanical, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems and this upgrade will increase the building’s energy usage from 40 to 70%. Of the many benefits to the BMS system is remote and automatic control and monitoring of these systems which contributes to a greater level of energy efficiency and an improved level of service and comfort for our tenants and customers.

Interior Lighting Common Area Retrofit
This 2016 project is to convert the interior lighting in the common areas from T8s to T5s. There is a greater illumination with the T5s and an energy efficiency of up to 10%.

Recycling & Diversion Program
In conjunction with the City of Edmonton, we are accomplishing a 68% diversion rate with our general garbage property output. We are expanding our recycling program this year to include a greater variety of items. In partnership with a local company, we will be offering internal and tenant recycling of a variety of items from electronics to batteries.

There is a planned annual replacement program in place at the centre to replace the original R22 condenser units to a smaller, more efficient 410A unit. This would result in increased cooling, greater energy efficiency and the elimination of HCFC.

Utility Metering
One of the 2015 deferred capital projects was a utility digital metering program for the tenants. This would allow increased recovery & more accurate readings. It would also allow us to work with the tenants to make operating decisions to reduce overall energy consumption.

General Operation
The outside maintenance equipment such as the sweeper, tractor and maintenance trucks have or plan to be replaced with a more energy efficient model. Some of the specifics include: a shift to diesel powered vehicles from gasoline and the replacement of the site vehicle from a 6 cylinder to a 4 cylinder smaller site truck. Our cleaning contractor uses only green cleaning products and conform to the ISO guidelines.

Washroom Fixtures Retrofit
All the washroom fixtures in the centre washrooms have been replaced with energy efficient fixtures. Replacements include: the hands-free taps, hand dryers and the low flow toilets which decreases our overall site water consumption.

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