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Common Scents

UNIT #153
P  780 440 6100 or 780 465 6100

Bonnie Doon Centre 152-161
Common ScentsDiscover a signature scent at Common Scents, a perfume store that offers niche fragrances you likely won’t find elsewhere. There is no better time to swap out that tired body mist you’ve been spritzing every morning for one that is fresh, new, and special to you.

Carlton Cards

UNIT #161
P  780 469 7997

BD Map 152 161 2

Carlton CardsCarlton cards offers thousands of fresh, amazing cards, providing the perfect way to connect and celebrate meaningful relationships and special occasions.

Coles Books

UNIT #178
P  780 466 3269

Bonnie Doon Centre 175-184
ColesColes bookstore has a variety of different books from adventure to action, love to passion. If you thrive on reading books and have a big imagination to explore fiction and nonfiction books, Coles has it all.

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